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To help you with your planning, we have put together some useful information. The oldest documentary mention of Hamburg dates back to the 7th century. Through its treaty with Lübeck in 1241, Hamburg became one of the founding places of the Hanseatic League.
Hamburg is Germany's second largest city with a population of around 1.8 million. The Hamburg metropolitan region has over five million inhabitantsThe city area is divided into seven districts and 104 neighbourhoods. The Port of Hamburg is one of the largest transshipment ports in the world.
Since 2015, the Speicherstadt and the neighbouring Kontorhaus district have been part of the UNESCO World Cultural HeritageHamburg has over 60 theatres, more than 60 museums and internationally renowned galleries such as the Hamburger Kunsthalle and the Bucerius Kunst Forum. The oldest permanent dwellings date back to the 4th century BC for the village, which was still called Treva by the ancient scientist Claudius Ptolemy.  

How long does it take to move in Hamburg?

Choosing the right removal company is essential. We have been professionally handling removals in Hamburg and from Hamburg to all federal states for 30 years. Quality and service at a fair price.
Often a move means a step into the unknown. Many people find this and all the preparatory work a burden. This does not have to be the case. Our professional team offers you the best service and accompanies you from the moment you contact us until the last moving box is unloaded. You will feel comfortable in our hands.You decide how much of the move you want to do yourself and which services we will provide.
You leave the whole move including packing and unpacking to us or just a part of it.The table below gives you an approximate overview of the duration you can expect when moving within the city of Hamburg.
Umzugsgröße Dauer
1 Zimmer
2  Zimmer
3 Zimmer
4 Zimmer
5 Zimmer
Umzug England

Your advantages when you move with us!

Packing and unpacking service.
Furniture disassembly and assembly.
Art transports and art packing.
Piano and grand piano removals
Object inspections.
"All-round carefree packages" or only partial services.Senior citizen removals in Hamburg and nationwide.
Removals for senior citizens in Europe and worldwide Apartment clearance, waste disposal, renovation, electricians, painters and plasterers.
Furniture storage for long-term or temporary storage in various cities in Germany.

Moving costs

As there are many variables, it is usually difficult to estimate how much a move will cost as they often vary considerably. The size (m3) and weight of the possessions, the removal route, floor and lift ratios all affect the cost.
Please fill in our removal list form accurately and completely so that we can provide you with a binding offer or call us so that we can discuss and calculate your volumes. For large removals, e.g. for a 4.5 room flat or a detached house, our removal consultants are available for an inspection of the property. Quality that the customer can feel is our top priority.We also expect our suppliers and subcontractors to comply with all legal, moral and ethical principles.
Business ethics.Legal regulations are observed at all times. Free and fair competition is not prevented under any circumstances.Quotations, invoices and other correspondence should always be clear, transparent, accurate and consistent.
Talk to us - your moving professionals from Alphaservice Umzüge

From the relocation of a single office to the relocation of a complete commercial law firm

In addition to private removals in Hamburg and nationwide, we are also the right partner for company removals, office removals, removals of doctors' surgeries, notaries' offices and lawyers' offices. Especially a company relocation requires correct and timely planning. Consultation with an external project manager is the right approach for a large relocation project. Our strength is to offer every customer the right solution. Of course, we also offer the right packing material, such as folding boxes with lids, PC dollies, etc.
Your electronic equipment is in safe hands during the move. Our staff will ensure that your workplace is in perfect condition and ready to move into as quickly as possible.
We specialise in changing companies' domiciles overnight or at the weekend. In addition, we also take care of carpentry and craftsman's work, disposal of office furniture, shredding of files, inventorying of documents, organisation of cleaning and the electrician, as well as many other services related to moving. 
Your advantages at a glance:Project management and planning of the move ! Removal of EDP and IT by specialised logisticians ! Special packing material for the business move! Special equipment for safe transports ! Packing and unpacking service for archives and material storage ! Inventory of archives! Minimal loss of working hours for employees!
Alpha Service advises you as your moving professional in an uncomplicated, personal and reliable manner.

Your specialist for removals in Germany. Removals in Europe and removals worldwide

How do you prepare your move in Hamburg or from Hamburg to another federal state? Start planning two months before the move. The earlier you start, the greater the chances that your move will be a success.
Call Alpha Service our relocation consultants will provide you with a competitive quote and give you comprehensive advice. In Switzerland, our removal consultants can advise you on site if you wish. This is the easiest way to move with a clear conscience.
Alpha Service, which specialises in international removals, will ensure that your move goes smoothly. This will benefit you and can take the whole burden off your shoulders.

Furniture lift - Fourth floor, long distances, narrow staircase and no lift?

No problem. With our furniture lift, we transport your removal goods or your goods and materials up and down in a fast, efficient and gentle way.
With a length of up to 29 metres and a load capacity of up to 400 kilograms, the use of a furniture lift not only saves time, but also makes the work of the removal staff and employees much easier.
Ultimately, the furniture lift also protects belongings and buildings, especially when bulky and heavy removal goods are moved with it. The risk of damage to walls, door frames and floors is very low.
The use of a furniture lift requires certain structural and traffic conditions. Whether it is possible to use a furniture lift for your move or your transported goods can best be assessed during a consultation on the phone or an on-site visit. Experience shows that there are rarely restrictions that make the use of a furniture lift impossible. But should this be the case, we guarantee that we will transport your removal goods to your desired location with the same safety and care over stairs and paths.

Packaging material from the specialists

The right choice of packaging material protects you from unpleasant surprises. At Alphaservice LTD you will find what you are looking for. Our removal company offers the right packing material for every type of good, either for sale or for rent. And if you want to be on the safe side, leave the packing and unpacking to our removal professionals.Excerpt from our extensive range. Book boxes, crockery and glass boxes with or without inserts, lamp, picture, linen and curtain boxes.
File and hanging file boxes with inserts, wine and universal boxes.clothes boxes with rod.
Other packing material, protective and consumable material:Bubble wrap for safe transport of pictures and mirrors. Stretch film to protect sensitive furniture and to secure doors and drawers.Floor liners and construction plastic to protect sensitive floors and carpets.
Even bulky items well packed:
You can buy mattress covers or rent protective upholstery covers and transport cases for TVs and art from our removal company. We are happy to take care of the entire planning and implementation - from transport, no-stopping zones, transport insurance and the provision of packing materials to the assembly of the furniture in your new home.
Alpha Service - Our packers, furniture movers, furniture fitters are professionals in their field.
Quality and service at a reasonable price.

Tips for New Hamburgers

In the sports city of Hamburg, sport is written large. However, it is often difficult to grasp one's own fitness.  Nicole Ostmeier personal trainer offers professional support.The mixture of fitness training and nutrition coaching according to the Careaboutyourself method leads to greater well-being and health in the long term.


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