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To help you with your planning, we have compiled some useful information:
In 2018, 2,005 Germans officially emigrated to Belgium and 1,754 returned home.Within the 10 years from 2008 to 2017, 21,891 Germans officially emigrated to Belgium and 19,586 moved back to Germany.
In 2017, 39,292 Germans officially lived in Belgium, as well as another 37,000 or so German speakers, most of them in the east of the country.The Dutch-speaking Flemings (60% of Belgians) live in the north.The French-speaking Walloons (39%) and the Germans (1%) live in the south.
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How long does it take to move to Belgium?

Information: No residence permit or visa is required for stays of up to 3 months. Those who stay longer must apply for a residence permit at the competent consulate of their Belgian place of residence, which is, however, granted to German citizens without any problems.
It is possible to take up employment without cumbersome bureaucracy. You can take on any job in Belgium without a special work permit, or even pursue self-employment.The maximum working hours are limited by law to 8 hours per day and 39 hours per week. Overtime must be paid at a premium rate. Workers are entitled to annual leave of at least 20 working days (but only from the second year of employment). Belgium has 10 public holidays.
Whether you are relocating to Brussels, Antwerp or planning to move elsewhere in this beautiful country, choosing the right removal company to safely store and professionally transport your belongings is essential.We have been handling removals to and from Belgium professionally and damage-free for our customers for 30 years. Quality and service at a fair price. The table below gives you an approximate overview of the transit time you can expect when moving to Belgium, for example from Waldshut to Antwerp:
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Umzugsgröße Dauer
1 Zimmer
2  Zimmer
3 Zimmer
4 Zimmer
5 Zimmer

Benefit from the experience of Alpha Service

We bill the Bundeswehr, employers and the Employment Agency and European organisations directly.
Storage possible in many German cities (e.g. Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Kaisereslautern).
Other services can be booked, e.g. VIP removals and expat services.Turnkey complete removals on request ("all-round carefree") or only partial services.
Interim storage also possible in many Belgian cities.
No hidden costs

Reliable and professional relocation to Belgium with Alpha Service

If you are looking for a removal company to take care of your move Belgium then please call us right away. You've come to the right place, we specialise in international removals. Our staff will take care of your belongings on site and ensure a smooth move into your new home. We will help you to make your move as pleasant as possible. 
Moving to Belgium - Costs
Because there are so many variables, it is often difficult to estimate the cost of international removals, as they can vary considerably. However, you should consider the following factors when planning your move to Belgium.
Mode of transport: Moving by air is generally the fastest, but also more expensive. Alternatively, there are many routes for land freight, which is usually cheaper.
Size of move: The size and weight of the possessions, will affect the cost as the calculation of the price is based on the weight and space requirements of the goods to be moved.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please fill out our form accurately and completely so that we can provide you with a binding quote.
Packing: Special moving boxes and packaging are the best solution to ensure that fragile items are transported safely
Like any foreign move, moving to Belgium is a challenge. Then there is the language. There are three official languages in Belgium today: Dutch, see Flanders and Belgian Dutch. French, see Walloon Region and Belgian French. German, see German-speaking Community.
Since Belgium's independence in 1830, French alone has been the official language of the state. In 1873, Dutch was legally recognised as the second official language in the Belgian Kingdom, but French still remained the language of administration and instruction throughout Belgium. In 1919, German was added as an official language in the newly acquired territory in the east. East Belgium had previously belonged to the German Empire and was annexed to the Belgian state after the Treaty of Versailles. 
Most people who move to Belgium from Germany usually bring a large part of their possessions with them. However, in order to ensure that not only the transport, but also the entire relocation goes off without complications, it is advisable to take care of the formalities as well as possible beforehand. Alpha Service will advise you as your removal professional in an uncomplicated, personal and reliable manner.
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How do you prepare your move to Belgium?
Start planning two months before the move. The earlier you start, the greater the chances that your move will be a success. Call Alpha Service and we will give you a competitive quote. This is the easiest way to move with peace of mind. Alpha Service, which specialises in international removals, will ensure that everything runs smoothly. This will benefit you and can take the whole burden off your shoulders
Our tips for moving to Belgium:
* Organise your move at least 2 months in advance including placing the order.
* Remember all the necessary documents


The Kingdom of Belgium is a federal state in Western Europe. It is located on the North Sea and borders the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France. Belgium has around 11.3 million inhabitants (2016) on an area of 30,688 km².
Belgium's degree of urbanisation is the highest in Europe at almost 98 per cent.  The city of Brussels is the capital and seat of the Belgian royal family as well as the centre of the largest agglomeration.Other major large cities are Antwerp, which as a municipal administrative unit is also the largest city in the country, as well as Ghent, Charleroi, Liège, Bruges and Namur.
Since independence in 1830 and the creation of a constitution in 1831, Belgium has been a constitutional hereditary monarchy. This north-eastern part of Gaul was inhabited by tribes of Celtic (i.e. the Belgae) and Germanic (i.e. Germani cisrhenani) origin.Flanders forms the northern part of the country and consists largely of flat land. It is the most populous region of the country. The Walloon region covers the southern part of Belgium. It is the largest region of the country in terms of area. Form of government: Belgium is a federal hereditary monarchyBelgium is a federal constitutional parliamentary hereditary monarchy with a bicameral parliament. The federal legislature is composed of the King and the two chambers of parliament, the more important Chamber of Deputies with 150 members and the Senate with 60 members.
Belgium has a strategic geographical position in the heart of Europe, in the middle of a European conurbation and close to the largest seaports. Against this background, Belgium has traditionally pursued a policy of opening up to its European neighbours, firstly through the Benelux Community, and secondly within the framework of the Council of Europe and the European Union, of which Belgium is a founding member. The Belgian capital Brussels is the seat of several EU institutions and agencies such as the Commission, the Parliament, the Council of Ministers, the Economic and Social Committee or the Committee of the Regions, as well as numerous lobbying groups, non-governmental organisations, etc. working in the field of European policy. Flanders forms the northern part of the country and consists largely of flat land. It is the most populous region of the country. The Walloon region covers the southern part of Belgium. It is the largest region of the country in terms of area.
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