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Alphaservice setzt Ihren Umzug professionell um.

We regularly carry out removals to Switzerland, Norway or England.

We offer a wide range of services in the field of removals and logistics, which go beyond classic removals and logistics. Good quality and a reasonable price/performance ratio are the main focus of the removal company Alphaservice Umzüge.
In the case of an international move, customs clearance of the removal goods is added to the transport, depending on the destination country. This is part of our work, which we are happy to carry out quickly and professionally for you.
Contact us for your relocation. We are the removal professionals for your furniture transport, e.g. to Switzerland, Sweden or England.

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Zu unseren Dienstleistungen gehören Privat- und Geschäftsumzüge innerhalb von Deutschland, der Schweiz und weltweit, sowie verschiedene Services rund um den Umzug. Unser Hauptsitz ist in Hamburg und unsere Niederlassung im Raum Zürich/Schweiz.
Wir verfügen über gesicherte und saubere Möbellager wo Ihre Möbel kurz- oder langfristig zwischengelagert werden können. Daneben bieten wir separate Lager für Dokumenten- und Aktenlagerung.
Ihre Dokumente werden vertraulich gelagert und nach Ablauf der Aufbewahrungspflicht auf Wunsch durch uns geschreddert.
Long-standing, regularly trained employees as well as a modern fleet of vehicles ensure that orders are fulfilled on time and flawlessly. Quality is our top priority. Moving is a matter of trust and you often only find out whether you have hired the best moving company after the move. That is why it is important to us that the many positive customer feedbacks are transparent for all customers.
Convince yourself of our good services by looking at the customer reviews by clicking on the quality seal. 

International relocation: Common destinations of our clients' relocations

Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and England

More than half of our removals and furniture transports start in major German cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig and Cologne.  Destinations include Norway (Oslo), Sweden (Gothenburg), Switzerland (Basel, Zurich and Bern), England (London) Hungary (Budapest) and Italy (Milan, Rome and Genoa).
Alphaservice Removals for the international move

International relocation in the EU

When moving within the EU, customs clearance of the removal goods is usually not required.
This applies in particular to the "Schengen area", which includes, for example, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain in addition to Germany.
In the 1990s, Italy, Austria and Greece were also added.

From the millennium onwards, the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway) also joined.
Eastern European countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and the Baltic countries (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia) followed in 2007.
Switzerland joined in 2008.
The newest member of the Schengen area is Croatia, which joined in 2023.
The Schengen Agreement includes the abolition of internal borders. As can be seen above, in addition to many EU member states, Norway and Switzerland are also members. In addition to the free movement of people, the agreement also facilitates the import and export of goods between countries.
Popular destinations for our relocation customers from Germany are especially Switzerland, Norway and England.

International move to third countries (outside the EU)

England (Great Britain) is no longer a member of the EU after Brexit. Even if there arefollow-up agreements, moving to London from Germany is therefore somewhat more complicated.
The removal goods must be registered and customs cleared according to existing rules.
The same applies to a move to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Intercontinental removals to Africa, America, Australia and Asia are also subject to the regulations of the destination country.
These removals are usually transported as containers by ship (sea transport). This considerably extends the moving time.


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