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To help you with your planning, we have compiled some useful information:
In 2018, 104 Germans officially emigrated to Uruguay and 121 returned home. Within the 10 years from 2008 to 2017, 1,172 Germans officially emigrated to Uruguay and 911 moved back to Germany.About 10,000 Germans currently live in Uruguay. In addition, there are about 40,000 ethnic Germans.
The people here are mostly friendly like the weather and open-minded towards foreigners. Uruguay has pleasantly warm summers and mild winters.Rainfall is usually spread throughout the year.Currency: Uruguayan Peso
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How long does it take to move to Uruguay?

Germans, Austrians and Swiss entering the country as tourists do not need a visa for a stay of up to 90 days. Those who wish to stay longer in the country must apply for an extension of stay at the responsible immigration office before the 90 days have expired. If it is planned to extend one's stay, it is still advantageous to always have a return ticket.
Entry is only possible with a passport. An identity card is not sufficient.To apply for a "residencia legal" (legal residence) you need the following documents: original entry document (passport), health certificate (issued in Uruguay) and vaccination certificate, passport photo, police clearance certificate (from your home country or the country where you have lived for the last 5 years), birth certificate, marriage certificate, proof that you can support yourself.
Whether you are relocating to Montevideo or planning a move to another location in this beautiful country, choosing the right moving company to safely store and professionally transport your belongings is essential.
We have been handling removals to and from Uruguay professionally and damage-free for our clients for 15 years. Quality and service at a fair price.The table below gives you an approximate overview of the transit time you can expect when moving to Uruguay, for example from Bonn to Montevideo:
Umzugsgröße Dauer
1 Zimmer
2  Zimmer
3 Zimmer
4 Zimmer
5 Zimmer

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We settle accounts directly with the German Armed Forces, employers and the Employment Agency and European organisations.
Storage possible in many German cities (e.g. Basel, Offenburg, Aschaffenburg).Further services bookable, e.g. packing work, overseas packing, packing material.
Turnkey complete removals on request ("all-round carefree") or partial services only
Temporary storage in Uruguay possible if a direct move into the new home is not possible.
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If you are looking for a removal company to take care of your Uruguay removal then please call us right away! You have come to the right place, we specialise in international removals, overseas removals. Our staff will take care of your belongings on site and ensure a smooth move into your new home. We will help you to make your move as comfortable as possible. 
Moving to Uruguay - Costs
Because there are so many variables, it is usually difficult to estimate how much international removals cost as they often vary considerably. In any case, when planning your move Uruguay, you should take the following factors into account.
Mode of transport:
Moving by air freight is generally the fastest, but also more expensive. Alternatively, there is transport by sea freight, which is usually cheaper. See our information on sea freight and air freight, among other things, for details on container sizes.
Size of the move:
The size and weight of the possessions, will affect the cost as the calculation of the price is based on the weight and space requirements of the goods to be moved.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please fill out our form accurately and completely so that we can provide you with a binding quote.
Special moving boxes and packaging are the best solution to ensure fragile items are transported safely
Moving to Uruguay, like any international move, is a challenge. Often both modes of transport are used in combination, the most important by air freight and the rest of your goods by sea freight.
Not all Spanish is the same when it comes to the language in Uruguay. Latin American Spanish in Uruguay shows differences in pronunciation and grammar compared to Castilian Spanish, which is spoken in Spain. To understand the background, it is important to know that the language in Uruguay has been shaped by different national cultures.
Immigrants from Italy, France, Portugal and Germany have also left their linguistic influences. The Spanish spoken by the population in Uruguay has been significantly influenced by the Italian population.
On the Brazilian border, on the other hand, Portuguese influences are noticeable; here you will find the language Portunol, a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese. English is one of the modern economic and educational languages and is therefore also spoken as a second language by many people in Uruguay. Dialects are not very widespread in Uruguay.  Most people who move to Uruguay from Germany usually bring a large part of their possessions with them. However, to ensure that not only the transport, but also the entire relocation goes off without complications, you should take care of the formalities as best you can beforehand.
Alpha Service advises you as your removal professional in an uncomplicated, personal and reliable way.

Alpha service for overseas removal by air freight or sea freight.

How do you prepare your move to Uruguay?
Start planning two months before the move. The earlier you start, the greater the chances that your move will be a success.
Call Alpha Service our relocation consultants will provide you with a competitive quote and give you comprehensive advice.
In Switzerland, our removal consultants can advise you on site if you wish. This is the easiest way to move with a clear conscience.
Alpha Service, which specialises in international removals, will ensure that your move goes smoothly. This will benefit you and can take the whole burden off your shoulders.
Our tips for moving to Uruquay:
* Organise your move at least 2 months in advance including placing orders.
* Remember all the necessary documents
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Officially República Oriental del Uruguay is a state in the southern cone of South America. It is the smallest Spanish-speaking country in South America. Uruguay borders Brazil to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Río de la Plata to the south and Argentina to the west (separated by the Río Uruguay). After the arrival of European settlers, the horses and cattle abandoned by the Spanish developed into large herds on the vast grasslands of the pampas, which formed the basis of the country's economic wealth.
Uruguay is one of the most stable, democratic and prosperous countries in Latin America today. The full name of the country of Uruguay is "Eastern Republic of Uruguay". In the Guarani language, from which the name derives, Uruguay has different meanings depending on the interpretationWith 176,215 square kilometres of surface area (of which about 2,600 square kilometres is water), it is as large as Austria and Hungary combined, or about half the size of Germany.
Uruguay shares a 985-kilometre border with Brazil to the north and a 579-kilometre border with Argentina to the west. The coast is 660 kilometres long.The climate is subtropical in the north and temperate in the south. In the coastal regions, temperatures are similar to the climates of the coastal regions of southern France, northern Italy and northern Spain, with clearly defined thermal seasons. The average annual temperature there is 16.5 °C. The warmest month is January with about 22 °C, while June is the coolest month, with an average of 10 °C. In the interior, the average annual temperature is slightly higher, mainly due to the warmer summer temperatures.
Montevideo, the capital, with almost 1.5 million inhabitants, is the only major city and also the most important port city in the country. It not only concentrates almost half of the population, but also the country's industry and trade, which is why Uruguay is often jokingly referred to as "a city with a few farms in the hinterland". Montevideo is also a centre of Latin American politics (Montevideo is the seat of ALADI and the Mercosur Secretariat). The city is also considered very safe by Latin American standards.  Form of government: Uruguay is a republicThe constitution of 1967 established a democratic presidential republic based on the rule of law. The state structure is centralised, and the 19 provinces (departamentos) have only limited self-government.
The Constitution of Uruguay is modelled on the Constitution of Spain, was adopted on 27 November 1966 and came into force in February 1967. On 27 June 1973, the military government suspended the constitution, but it failed to enforce a new constitution by referendum on 30 November 1980.After the creation of the state of Uruguay, a two-party system became established. The conservative Partido Nacional (formerly Partido Blanco 'White Party') was opposed by the liberal Partido Colorado ('Red Party'). The Communist Party was legalised in 1985. Since the early 1990s, new parties have emerged and revitalised the party landscape. Since 1 March 2020, Uruguay has been governed by President Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou of the Partido Nacional, whose father previously held the post from 1990 to 1995.
Uruguay is divided into 19 historically grown Departamentos (including the autonomous city of Montevideo). The departments are headed by the Intendente Municipal, who is elected by the departmental parliaments (junta departamental). Since the state structure is centralised, the 19 provinces (Departamentos) have only limited self-government.
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