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To help you with your planning, we have compiled some useful information:
In 2018, 351 Germans officially emigrated to Argentina and 467 returned home. Within the 10 years from 2008 to 2017, 4,337 Germans officially emigrated to Argentina and 4,445 moved back to Germany.
More than 90% of Argentina's population is descended from immigrant Europeans. In the 1920s, many migrants arrived from Poland and settled primarily in the Buenos Aires area and in the provinces of Chaco and Misiones. About 87% of the population lives in cities.
The metropolitan area of Buenos Aires alone is currently home to about 16 million people. The provinces of Córdoba and Santa Fe each have a population of about three million. The rest of the country is rather sparsely populated.

How long does it take to move to Argentina?

Citizens from Germany, Austria and Switzerland can stay up to 90 days in Argentina without a visa with a valid passport. An extension of the residence permit of another 90 days can be extended once at the Dirección Nacional de Migraciones for a fee of currently 900 pesos.
The following visas can be applied for: Business Visa, Work Visa, Student Visa, Visa for Family Reunification, Visa for Participation in Congresses, Technical, Business, ArtAll visas must be applied for in person at an Argentine Consulate. A form for the specific visa must be filled out and submitted to the consulate along with other required documents.
Whether you are relocating to Buenos Aires, or planning a move to another location in this beautiful country, choosing the right moving company to safely store and professionally transport your belongings is essential.
For 20 years we have been handling moves to and from Argentina professionally and damage free for our clients. Quality and service at a fair price.In the table below you will get an approximate overview of the transit time you can expect when moving to Argentina, for example from Berlin to Buenos Aires:
Umzugsgröße Dauer
1 Zimmer
2  Zimmer
3 Zimmer
4 Zimmer
5 Zimmer

Take advantage of the experience of our team leaders moving, furniture carrier and furniture assembler

We settle directly with the German Armed Forces, employers and the Employment Agency and European organizations.
Storage in many German cities possible (e.g. Basel, Offenburg, Aschaffenburg).
Further services bookable, e.g. packing work, overseas packing, packing material.
Turnkey complete moves on request ("all around carefree") or only partial services.
Temporary storage in Argentina possible if a direct move into the new home is not possible.
No hidden costs

Move to Argentia cheap with Alphaservice

If you are looking for a moving company that will take care of your move Argentia then please call us right away!With us you are at the right address, we are specialized in international removals, overseas removals. Our staff will take care of your belongings on the spot and ensure a smooth move into your new home. We will help you to make the move as comfortable as possible. 
Moving to Argentina - Costs
Because there are so many variables, it is usually difficult to estimate what international moves cost because they often vary significantly. In any case, you should include the following factors in your planning when moving Argentia.
Mode of transportation:
Moving by air freight is generally the fastest, but also more expensive. Alternatively, there is transportation by sea freight, which is usually cheaper. See our information Sea Freight and Air Freight among others for details on container sizes. 
Size of the move: 
The size and weight of the possessions, affects the cost, as the calculation of the price is based on the weight and space requirements of the goods to be transported. 
Please fill out our form accurately and completely so that we can provide you with a binding quote.  
Special moving boxes and packaging are the best solution to ensure that fragile items are transported safely.
Moving to Argentina, like any foreign move, is a challenge. In addition, there is the language of transport and distances. Often both modes of transport are used in combination, the most important by air freight and your remaining goods by sea freight.
The sole official language is Spanish, although Argentine Spanish differs in pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary from that used in Spain and also from the varieties used in other Latin American countries.
A number of more or less widespread minority languages, such as Quechua and Guaraní, are spoken by the indigenous population. The descendants of German-speaking and English-speaking immigrants sometimes still speak the language of their ancestors.Regional lingua francas are: German, Italian, Welsh, quechua, guarani.
Most people who move to Argentina from Germany usually bring a large part of their possessions with them. However, in order to ensure that not only the transport, but the entire relocation goes off without complications, it is advisable to take care of the formalities as well as possible beforehand. Alpha Service advises you as your moving professional in an uncomplicated, personal and reliable way.

Alpha service for overseas removals by air freight or sea freight to Argentina.

How to prepare your move to Argentina?
Start planning two months before the move. The earlier you start, the greater the chances that your move will be a success!
Call Alpha Service our relocation consultants will provide you with a competitive quote and give you comprehensive advice.
In Switzerland, our relocation consultants will advise you on site if you wish. This is the easiest way to move with a clear conscience.
Alpha Service, which specializes in international removals, will ensure that everything runs smoothly. This will benefit you and can take all the burden off your shoulders.
Our tips for moving to Argentina:
* Organize your move at least 2 months in advance including placing orders.
* Remember all the necessary documents
Removal company Alphaservice Umzüge - Removal to Argentina


Argentina is a republic in the south of South America. It borders Chile to the west, Bolivia and Paraguay to the north, Brazil and Uruguay to the northeast, and is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the east.
The country's name is derived from the Latin name for silver - argentum - and dates back to the Spanish colonial period, when it was hoped to find precious metals here. Until its independence in 1816, it was part of the Spanish colonial empire.
Politically, Argentina is a presidential federal republic in which the individual provinces have far-reaching powers. With an area of almost 2.8 million km², Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world and the second largest in South America and the fourth largest in the Americas. Due to its large north-south extension, the country has a share in several climate and vegetation zones. In terms of population, it ranks third in South America (after Brazil and Colombia) and fifth in the Americas, with about 44 million inhabitants.
About one third of the population is concentrated in the metropolitan area of the capital Buenos Aires, which is considered to be an important cultural center of the Americas, where, among other things, the Tango Argentino has its origins.Other population centers are the cities of Córdoba, Rosario, Mar del Plata and Mendoza. Large parts of the dry and cold south, on the other hand, are only very sparsely populated. Until about 1950, Argentina was one of the richest countries in the world. Traditionally, agriculture, cattle breeding and the mining of raw materials played a major role in the economy, although today the service sector accounts for the largest share of GDP (about 60 %).   
Form of government: Argentina is a federal republic.Politically, the country was strongly influenced by immigration from Europe, especially Italy and Spain, until the mid-20th century. Under the 1994 constitution, Argentina is a federal republican presidential democracy.The president of the nation ("Presidente de la Nación Argentina," "Poder Ejecutivo Nacional") is head of state and head of government in person and has a strong position, including the ability to rule by decree.The legislature (umbrella term: Congreso, Congress, consisting of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate) is usually elected at different times in each province. The number of deputies in the Chamber of Deputies is determined by proportional representation and is distributed among the provinces according to a certain key, amounting to approximately one deputy per 152,000 inhabitants. The deputies are elected for four years, although half of the deputies are elected every two years.The number of senators is three per province and three for the autonomous city of Buenos Aires. The Senate, unlike the Chamber of Deputies, is elected according to a special case of majority voting; two senatorial seats are given to the party with the most votes, and one seat to the party with the second most votes. Senators are elected for a period of six years; one-third of the senators are elected every two years.
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