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Emigrate to Finland

To help you with your planning, we have put together some useful information:
The Scandinavian countries are popular emigration destinations for many Germans. Finland is also one of them. If you want to emigrate to Finland, you have to be an individualist or you can simply be convinced of the advantages of living in Finland.
Most emigrants to Finland are drawn to the industrial cities of Turku and Tampere and the capitalHelsinki. These three cities are densely populated and offer good job opportunities for emigrants.

How long does it take to move to Finland?

Finland the family paradise - Finland has a good family policy, especially childcare, which enables many mothers to return to work.
Without language skills (at least the basics of the language), emigration to Finland is not recommended. On the plus side, most Finns speak English. Whether you are relocating to Helsinki, Espoo or Lahti, or planning a move elsewhere in this beautiful country, choosing the right removal company to safely store and professionally transport your belongings is essential.
We have been handling removals to and from Finland professionally and damage-free for our customers for 30 years. Quality and service at a fair price. The table below gives you an approximate overview of the transit time you can expect when moving to Finland, for example from Leipzig to Helsinki:
Umzugsgröße Dauer
1 Zimmer 1-2 Tage
2  Zimmer 2-3 Tage
3 Zimmer 2-3 Tage
4 Zimmer 2-3 Tage
5 Zimmer 3-5 Tage

Take advantage of the benefits of moving with Alphaservice

We bill the Bundeswehr, employers and the Employment Agency and European organisations directly. Storage possible in many German cities (e.g. Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin).
Further services can be booked, e.g. furniture lift, safe trolley or rental material.
Turnkey complete removals on request ("all-round carefree") or only partial services.
Temporary storage also possible in many French cities.
No hidden costs when moving to Finland!

Reliable and inexpensive relocation to Finland with Alpha Service Ltd.

If you are looking for a removal company to take care of your move to Finland, please call us right away:
You have come to the right place, we specialise in international removals. Our staff will take care of your belongings on site and ensure a smooth move into your new home. We will help you to make your move as pleasant as possible. 
Moving to Finland - Costs
Because there are so many variables, it is often difficult to estimate the cost of international removals, as they can vary considerably. In any case, you should take the following factors into account when planning your move to Finland.
Mode of transport to Finland:
Moving by air is generally the fastest, but also more expensive. Alternatively, there are many routes for land freight, which is usually cheaper.
Size of the move:
The size and weight of the possessions, will affect the cost as the calculation of the price is based on the weight and space requirements of the goods to be moved.
Please fill out our form accurately and completely so that we can provide you with a binding quote.

Special moving boxes and packaging are the best solution to ensure that fragile items are transported safely.
Moving to Finland, like any foreign move, is a challenge.
In addition, Finnish belongs to the East Sea Finnish branch of the Finno-Ugric languages, which are one of the two subfamilies of Uralic. It is thus distantly related to Hungarian and closely related to Estonian. Finnish is one of the two official languages in Finland, along with Swedish, with about 4.9 million native speakers (89% of the population, in 2015). It is one of the official languages in the EU. In Sweden, where it is spoken by about 300,000 people, Finnish is recognised as an official minority language. 
Most people who move to Finland from Germany usually bring a large part of their possessions with them. However, to ensure that not only the transport, but the entire move goes off without complications, you should take care of the formalities as best you can beforehand.
Alpha Service advises you as your removal professional in an uncomplicated, personal and reliable manner.

Alphaservice Umzüge advises you as your removal professional in an uncomplicated and reliable manner at a favourable price.

How do you prepare your move to Finland?
Start planning two months before the move. The earlier you start, the greater the chances that your move will be a success.
Call Alpha Service and we will give you a competitive quote. This is the easiest way to move with peace of mind.
Alpha Service, which specialises in international removals, will ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. This will benefit you and can take the whole burden off your shoulders.
Our tips for moving Germany Finland:
* Organise your move at least 2 months in advance including placing the order.
* Remember to bring all the necessary documents


As a Finno-Ugric language, Finnish differs considerably from the Indo-European languages, to which the majority of languages spoken in Europe belong. However, centuries of language contact have led to a certain convergence of Finnish with the surrounding Indo-European languages in the area of syntax and vocabulary.
With an area of 338,448 km², 303,912 km² of which is land and 34,536 km² of which is inland water, Finland is somewhat smaller than Germany (357,385 km²). In addition, there is a sea area of 52,460 km². Lying at a latitude between 60° and 70°, it is one of the northernmost countries on earth. One third of Finland lies north of the Arctic Circle. The north-south extension of the Finnish mainland from Nuorgam to Hanko is 1157 km, the longest east-west distance from Ilomantsi to Närpes is 542 km. When dividing up the country's territory, Northern Finland is referred to from about the height of Lake Oulujärvi (also known as Lake Oulu, northwest of the city of Kajaani). Thus Oulu, situated in the very centre of the country, can be called a Northern Finnish city, while the landscape around Jyväskylä is called Central Finland despite its southern location. Form of government: Finland is a parliamentary republicWith about 5.5 million inhabitants in an area almost as large as Germany, Finland is one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe.
Most of the population lives in the south of the country, with the capital Helsinki and the major cities of Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa and Turku. The two official languages are Finnish and Swedish, with 88.7% of the population Finnish-speaking and 5.3% Swedish-speaking.Finland compares well with other Better Life Index countries on many measures of quality of life. It holds the top position in education and subjective well-being, and its scores are above average in income and wealth, health, employment, environment, safety, social relations, housing and work-life balance. These rankings are based on freely available, selected data.
When moving to Finland the service of Alpha Service is there for you !
Quality and service at a reasonable price.
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