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The removal company Alpaservice Removals from Hamburg will reliably and competently carry out your removal from Hamburg to London.
We look forward to receiving your removal enquiry!

Removal company Alphaservice Umzüge

Services Alpha Service

  • Removal planning
  • Packing service
  • Dismantling and assembling furniture
  • Reliable transport
  • cheap removal equipment
  • attractive prices and conditions

Alpha Service from Hamburg

If you are planning a worry and stress free move to London (England) then call us at

Tel.: 0800 100 37 12
and we will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.
For removals to London, we are happy to provide our removal services. Moving involves a lot of work, planning and organisation.
As a removal company, we support you with our removal service. Starting with the removal planning (checklists), the removal project gets structure.
This includes giving notice, deregistration and scheduling.The move itself is carried out professionally with good removal staff and modern removal equipment.
If desired, we can also provide a handyman service to install lamps, technical equipment and assemble furniture.
Registration and re-registration for your move to London will be carried out after the move at the latest.
For moves to London or other places in England, we are a competent and reliable partner for you. 
Talk to us about your move from or to London!

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Informationen rund um den Umzug nach London

Who is moving from where to the UK capital?

Even after Brexit, many people are moving from Germany to England. The most common destination there is the city of London.Most of the people moving to London are from Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt and Cologne.The capital London currently has around 9 million inhabitants. It is divided into 32 boroughs, the best known of which are the City of London, City if Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea. The River Thames flows through the middle of the city. The most famous sights include Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge.Rents are significantly higher than in major German cities such as Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne.

Removal Germany London

Important questions about moving to the UK?

What do I need to consider when moving house, as the UK is no longer a member of the European Union (EU)?How long does it take to move from Hamburg to London, for example?How much does it cost to move from Munich to the capital of England, for example?Who organises the customs clearance of the removal goods?Are there storage facilities in London and what do they cost?Which authorities do I have to register with after the move?How do pets move to the UK?We are working on a guide to these and other questions, which you will soon be able to view here.


Direct settlement with employers, armed forces, employment agency and other offices possible. Worldwide customs clearance (customs clearance surcharge)!

Advantages of transport with Alphaservice

  • Experience with national removals
  • Everything from one source
  • trained personnel
  • Transparent accounting
Alpha service for good removals to London!


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